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Les Paul Signature T

Les Paul Signature T

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Happy 120th Birthday, Gibson: 5 reasons to celebrate the all-new 2014 models

by AshleyMartyn on 04-08-2014

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Gibson and Epiphone guitars now available at Future Shop and

by strumsomething on 09-13-2013

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Gibson Guitars: Made in Music City, USA

Gibson has a well-deserved, longstanding reputation as America's premier guitar-maker. Founded in 1894, Gibson builds all of their instruments in the USA, Gibson has fine-tuned their designs and brought quality electric and acoustic guitars into the world of music. Whether you're shredding on stage on a nightly basis or learning the basics in your bedroom, Gibson, and its subsidiary Epiphone, design a range of culture defining guitars that's sure to include a unique guitar just for you.

Fine tune your sound.

Slash, Elliott Easton, Jason Hook, Bill Kelliher and Nancy Wilson. Those are just a few of the artists that call Gibson their own. Since the dawn of rock and roll, traveling jam bands and stadium rockers have all trusted Gibson's ability to deliver a unique, full sound. Each Gibson guitar is hand crafted and inspected in Nashville, Tennessee. Starting in the late 1800s and continuing today, Gibson designs guitars that boast modern specs and features while still holding on to their historic appeal. A Les Paul guitar with a built-in tuning system? They make that while maintaining the tone and power of a treasured vintage Les Paul. Even for beginners, Gibson makes guitars and gear that'll help you develop your musical abilities and join the ranks of the world's best guitarists.

Epiphone: Explore iconic sounds.

Epiphone has been an integral part of the Gibson family since 1957. In fact, Les Paul built his first solid body guitar at the Epiphone factory in Manhattan. Since then, his signature guitar has become an iconic piece of music history. As designers, players, and mavericks, the Epiphone team strives to honour, create, and inspire within the world of music. Starting nearly 140 years ago as a passionate and dedicated family business, they continue to deliver products for all musicians. Their catalog boasts quality banjos, Dobros, mandolins, acoustic guitars, and affordable versions of historic reissues and acclaimed guitars that are recognizable the world over.