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WebIDTM search

WebID is the fastest and easiest way to learn more about the products that we carry online.

  • On every flyer, you'll see a WebID next to every product available online. If there's a specific item that you're interested in, note its WebID.
  • On our homepage, enter the WebID into the search box.
  • Press enter or click the search button and instantly learn more about your product.

Basic instructions for keyword search

  • Type the item or topic you are looking for into the keyword search box.
  • Press enter or click the search button to view a page of search results.

Keyword search

Keyword searches are located at the top of most pages. This search allows you to find information that contains certain words or phrases in various sections of our site.

To search our help topics, visit our Customer Support section and use the specific search bar located on that page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does capitalization matter?
Only when it comes to the Boolean operators AND and OR. They have to be capitalized in order to be recognized as Boolean operators.

What if I don't get the results I wanted?
Check your spelling, or try some different search terms.

Can I enter multiple words?
Yes. Our search engine will list results containing all of your keywords first, followed by results that partially match your query.

Does spelling matter?
Correctly spelling a word or phrase increases your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for. In case you are unsure of the spelling of a word, you can put a wildcard (*) at the end of the word (e.g. Mendel* will generate results for a search on "Mendellsohn.") So when it doubt, let us know. We'll work around it.

Narrow your search results

  • On the search result page, you can narrow down all results found based on categories, brand, price range and other attributes.
  • Number of items found - The number of items that each search attribute yields is indicated in (). For example, "Computers (54)" indicates 54 items were found in Computers that are related to your search keyword.


  • Based on your search keyword, the search result page can display items according to price, title, or customer rating.

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