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Last minute gifts for kids



I’m always running late. I think it’s almost a given when you become a mom. And why would you be on time anymore? Getting out of the house alone is taking 30 to 40 minutes: we need to pee, we need to get the teddy, we need to play hide and seek (what better time), we need to change .... I finally gave in, as I decided that I rather enjoy this short time I have with my daughter when she actually wants to play with me. Consequently, I’m late with buying presents for kids in the family. Do I want to go out now and fight wild crowds? No thank you, I’d rather shop in the comfort of my own house (in some areas they will still deliver in time for Christmas). Futureshop show me what you got!

Comparing the top music streaming services



It was only 10 years ago that the concept of downloading single songs became the method of choice in enjoying music on portable devices. Now, an entire catalog of millions of tracks can be streamed for a monthly fee. Music streaming services have gone mainstream, and the various providers bear many similarities to each other, making it a little challenging to choose between them. Here’s a look at who’s currently playing in Canada, including what sets them apart from each other.

Traditional Holiday Cookie Recipes with a Twist!



Every year, the holidays sneak up on me! But these fun and festive twists on traditional Christmas cookies have got me ready for hungry kids and last-minute guests!

Why Your Next Camera Should Have WI-FI!


Have you ever wondered how many photographs are taken each year around the world? Or how many of those photos ultimately make their way onto the Internet where friends and family scattered in dozens of different cities and countries can see them? I often think about such things, and about the fact that just a few short years ago there wasn't even an Internet to share photos on. But now there's not only an Internet for sharing every aspect of our lives, but there are also more and more cameras that are capable of wirelessly sharing those moments.This might just be the biggest development in image capturing technology since the advent of colour photography! And that is why you should read this blog―to learn why your next camera should have built-in WI-FI capabilities!

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