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J.J. Abrams' Millennium Falcon Teaser Trailer (HUNKA JUNK) & STAR WARS LEGO Are Here!

By Leo_Bond from 09-19-2014

LEGO Falcon

It's never too soon to start getting excited about upcoming STAR WARS films--even if their release is still over a year away! And this has never been more true than right now, what with the awesome new teaser trailer from J.J. Abrams that celebrates one of the most iconic space vehicles in the entire space opera genre--the Millennium Falcon! To see this short video (entitled HUNKA JUNK) and some fun STAR WARS themed LEGO sets that similarly help to feed our STAR WARS enthusiasm, simply click on through and read my blog!

Apple releases iOS 8: how to get it and what it can do

By TeddyK from 09-18-2014

iOS 8 main.jpg


Now that Apple has released iOS 8 on the eve of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hitting Future Shop shelves, the new update to the operating system is less the interface coat of paint that iOS 7 was, and more a pack of features that bring it up to speed with what competitors are doing, along with a twist here and there. It’s free to download and is compatible with iPhone 4S (and later), the iPad 2 (and later), both iPad minis and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

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Make your home smarter than ever before with Works with Nest Integration!

By Graham from 09-15-2014


The automated and integrated home for everyone is closer than you think. Thanks to Google, Nest, and a handful of forward-looking partners, you can integrate more into your home than ever. Let’s take a look at the pieces and how they fit together.

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