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Robot-boulanger Cuisinart (CBK-200C)

  • Modèle # : CBK-200C
  • CodeWEB : 10149736

Magasinez Cuisinart

Le robot-boulanger Cuisinart est conçu pour prendre soin de votre santé et offre les options exclusives « faible teneur en glucides » et « sans gluten » en appuyant simplement sur un bouton. Faites un choix santé en optant pour des ingrédients non transformés et riches que vous dégustez avec votre famille. Ce robot-boulanger est polyvalent et facile à utiliser, vous voudrez vous en servir tous les jours.

En savoir plus

  • Boîtier en acier inoxydable brossé avec logo Cuisinart embossé et poignées latérales moulées.
  • Panneau de commande à écran ACL facile à lire avec boutons en chrome.
  • Donne des pains de 0,45 kg (1 lb), 0,68 kg (1,5 lb) et 0,9 kg (2 lb).
  • Option de commande permettant d'obtenir une croûte pâle, moyenne ou foncée.
  • Cuisson à convection rapide et uniforme.
  • Programmes spéciaux pour recettes de pain : Blanc, Blanc rapide, Blé, Blé rapide, Français/Italien, Français/Italien rapide, Pain éclair/Gâteau, Faible teneur en glucides, Sans gluten, Pâte/Pâte à pizza, Pâte artésienne, Pains sucrés, Pains sucrés rapides, Confiture, Pain de dernière minute et Extra Cuisson.
  • Bol antiadhésif amovible pour un nettoyage facile.
  • Couvercle amovible avec fenêtre en verre permettant de surveiller le cycle de cuisson.
  • Dimensions : 10,25(W) x 12,00(H) x 16,50(D) po

Garantie du fabricant

  • Pièces - 3 an

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Capacité 2 kg
Cuisson rapide No
Contrôle de la croûte Oui
Maintien au chaud Non
Moule à pain Oui
Minuterie programmable No
Fenêtre transparente Oui
Pièces sous garantie 3 an



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  • deMagna Bay, BC
  • déc. 05, 2014

Best bread marker I have owned!

I have had 3 bread markers and this one is superior to all others. This machine is the second one I have purchased. The gasket around the paddle post could be made more heat resistant as I am on my third pan with my 8 year old machine. The service to buy a new pan is great! No problem getting a new pan!

  • deSechelt, BC
  • juil. 24, 2014

Terrible Machine Over Long Term

I purchased this machine in 2007 and the convection oven started to burn loaves even on the lightest crust setting after about six months. I then decided to only use the dough cycle and this eventually malfunctioned as well. That is, the timing for the cycles was completely off kilter. I contacted the company and they basically said that because the warranty had expired that there was nothing that they could do. I would definitely not purchase an item from Cuisinart again.

  • deKitchener, ON
  • avr. 09, 2014

Good, solid machine.

I have just purchased my second Cuisinart Bread maker as I passed down my first one to my mother since it has a Gluten free function. I loved it! Unfortunately I was disappointed last week as this machine didn't work in the second knead (on whole wheat function). So I brought it back to the store. Because of my great experience with the first machine, I have ordered another one. Just waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully this one won't be a lemon.

  • deChilliwack, BC
  • juil. 28, 2013

mix paddle comes off

I haven't used this machine many times. The mixing paddle comes right off and goes into the dough every time. It leaves dirt grease on the dough. :( I think I should buy another machine.

  • deCourtenay BC
  • mai 19, 2013

Cuisinart Bread Maker Great Design

I"m still experimenting but I'm quite impressed so far. I am adjusting ingredients etc. but still haven't come up with the perfect loaf as yet. The top is always perfect after rising but always falls before it's baked. I like all the features of this machine and I'm sure after a little practice, I'll get it right.

  • deSaskatoon, SK
  • janv. 01, 2011

Great Machine

I've used this model bread maker for 3 years now. It's awesome. I use a mix of oatmeal and 100% whole wheat flour. Although the height of the loaf has lessened over time, it is still working very well. One word of caution: the clip that keeps the assembly for the paddle attached to the oven tends to be flimsy. Some people have been replacing the entire oven over this problem, but that is not necessary. You simply need to replace the spring clip at the outside bottom. I have replaced mine once and have a couple of spares and this is working great for me. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5, but that's not a choice. I have to give it a 4 instead because it is not perfect. Very useable and I'm very pleased with it, but because of the spring clip problem I'm giving it the 4. I would highly recommend this bread maker to everyone!

  • deVancouver
  • déc. 11, 2010

Good but...

My problem has been with the pan. I'm waiting for my third (in as many years) to arrive at the repair shop. Basically the paddle mechanism seems to disintegrate over time.

  • deChetwynd
  • nov. 21, 2010

Not so great

Looks awesome. Bread is much fluffier than our old Black and Decker (that we had for about 5 yrs before the heating element went on it). Crust at medium is pretty decent for a breadmaker loaf. I even make the regular white loaf with either 75% or 100% whole wheat and the loaves still turn out great (I think the white is too soft and flimsy). Lately though the loaf pan has popped right out while mixing and the mixing paddle has started to continuously pop off while mixing the dough and I have to stop the machine and dig it out of the bread and put it back on). This machine is only 2 months old and used about 2-3 times a week.

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