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Ensemble Wii U de 32 Go et jeu Mario & Luigi Deluxe de Nintendo - Noir

  • Modèle # : WII U
  • CodeWEB : 10274171


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Retrouvez vos plombiers italiens préférés avec l'ensemble Wii U et Mario & Luigi Deluxe. Cet ensemble très divertissant comprend une console de jeu Wii U noire, la manette tactile GamePad et les accessoires dont vous avez besoin pour commencer à jouer sans attendre. Il inclut les jeux New Super Mario Bros. U et New Super Luigi U, dans lesquels vous collectionnerez pièces et champignons à votre guise.

En savoir plus

  • Console Wii U noire
  • Adaptateur c.a. pour console Wii U
  • Adaptateur c.a. pour le GamePad de la Wii U
  • Câble HDMI haute vitesse
  • Barre de détection
  • Socle pour le GamePad de la console Wii U
  • Support pour le GamePad de la console Wii U
  • Support pour la console Wii U
  • Jeux New Super Mario Bros. U et New Super Luigi U inclus

Contenu de la boîte

  • Stylus
  • Manual
  • AC Adaptor
  • AR Cards

Garantie du fabricant

  • Pièces - 1 an
  • Main-d’œuvre - 1 an

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Jeux compatibles Wii U
Ports pour manettes de jeu compatibles Wii Remote Plus; Wii Nunchuk; Wii U Pro Controller
Manettes incluses 1 - Wii U Game Pad
Type de manette Sans fil
Sortie vidéo HDMI; Composante
Sortie audio HDMI; Composante
Largeur 35,5 cm
Hauteur 29,6 cm
Profondeur 13,7 cm
Poids 4,39 kg
Main-d’œuvre sous garantie 1 an
Pièces sous garantie 1 an



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  • deNorth York, ON
  • sept. 30, 2014

Own all 3 next gen consoles, Wii U is my favorite

So I've had both Wii U and Xbox One since launch, and just recently got a PS4. While I haven't had time to really get into the PS4, I can say that I will probably end up playing my Wii U more. Just the plain fact I have the tablet makes me pick it up - not having to turn on your TV is a HUGE PLUS for me. I've played Super Mario Bros 3D WORLD and Mario Kart 8 more than any game I've played since Ninja Gaiden for Xbox 360 (I know, lots of ppl thought that game sucked lol). Still waiting for Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta to release - and planning to buy New Super Mario Bros used. If you have kids, this is the system to get...if you love Nintendo from back in the day, this is the system to get....if you are lazy to turn on your tv (or if you have a spouse on it all the time in the bedroom), this is the system to get.. THIS IS THE SYSTEM TO GET!!

  • deWinnipeg
  • sept. 26, 2014

Awesome system with great games but... Eh

Just bought this bundle a month ago, played mario kart 8 on it a few times, used Netflix on it a couple times, I take excellent care of my tech.. Now suddenly the wii u system stops working, won't power on anymore, just stays with the red light notifying me its plugged in, gamepad can't find the system and nothing can turn the system on. I have since shipped it to nintendo and they have replaced it with a brand new system as the one sold to me was broken but only finally died after a month of light use. Apparently my issue is not uncommon, half the wii u consumers have ended up with broken wii u that's not user fault. Anyways great system, love it when it's fully working, but is horrible when it's brand new a month old and broken.

  • deCalgary, AB
  • août 22, 2014

Great for Family

We thought about the other "new" systems but stuck with the Wii U. Best decision the family loves the games and they are much more friendly to play. Also with the money we saved on using our old controllers we bought a bunch more games

  • deVictoria, BC
  • août 17, 2014

Great bundle

The Wii U is a fantastic system, it's only reason for low sales number is lack of marketing from Nintendo. The Mario/Luigi Bros U game is great, lots of fun, and for that price it's hard to beat. Only thing i'd suggest is buying either a pro controller or a Wii classic controller, as the game pad is a bit clunky for playing faster games.

  • deMoncton, NB
  • août 03, 2014


The only true "next gen" console on the market thanks to the GamePad, much better internet browser than on ps4 or xbox one, and Miiverse. Also has tons of exclusives out like Wonderful 101, pikmin 3, mario, zelda, wario, and NES remix. Also coming out soon is super smash bros, bayonetta 2, yarn yoshi, xenoblade 2, hyrule warriors, zelda Wii U, and Splatoon among others.

  • deKedgwick, NB
  • mars 19, 2014

Nintendo can still make great consoles.

I bought this because I wanted to play fresh, new Nintendo games. Thus far I only tried New SMB U and Donkey Kong Country Returns but I must say I'm very impressed. I still need some practice with the nunchuk but the games are fun to play and colorful. Reminds me of the 16 bit days. Very happy with my purchase.

  • de
  • mars 11, 2014

nintendo fails again

I just got this console today and when i plugged it in, it made some weird sound and is blinking blue,

  • deWinkler, MB
  • févr. 22, 2014

Wii-U - really underrated but a great system!

Nintendo seems to have become the BlackBerry of the gaming world. They're still making a great product but the media and general consensus has turned against them. We bought this pack 2 months ago and it gets used almost daily. Tons of fun!

  • deWinnipeg, Mb
  • févr. 10, 2014


Got this system, and I'm really impressed. The included games are insanely fun. (Though Mario U is surprisingly hard!) I also bought Mario 3D world which is probably one of the best games ever made!

  • deWinnipeg, MB
  • févr. 08, 2014

the best

bought for me and my kids lol and the games on it are amazing and everything about the system is great and more and more stuff on the Wii u system and from reading the wii u is going also third party for games so the games are going to be just crazy.....love it and know you will too !

  • deVillage Blanchard, NB
  • févr. 03, 2014

Nice console

Nice console and he can play on it while we are watching television.

  • deCambridge On
  • févr. 03, 2014

Very happy i ordered another

I bought one of these bundles and I was very happy with it it comes with a stand so it can be set up flat or on its side and it comes with a charger stand witch is extra so that's a bonus I have not played the games that it came with I have played Zelda wind waker HD witch I love and I have played the zombie U demo witch I have already ordered another one of these bundles witch should be here Tomorrow and I have ordered two of the games zombie u and when the other bundle comes I will write another when it comes I love how it's different then any other gaming console right away you will notice the new content and enjoy it!

  • deAdam from Winnipeg, MB 3
  • janv. 31, 2014

I love

I like about

  • deBoucherville, QC
  • janv. 29, 2014

Wii U: The Old School GAMING Console

First off, don't listen to people who say "Nintendo is only for kiddies" or "Nintendo is doom; the Wii U sucks" etc. etc. That is just people following a recent trend of hating on Nintendo for no good reasons. Sure Nintendo systems appeal a lot to children, but that's because they appeal to EVERYONE. Period. Whether you're 5 years old boy, or a teenager, or an adult, or a grandparent, you'll have FUN playing this system with other people. And FUN is really the only important factor in video GAMES. You'd think Nintendo games are for children because of the cartoony graphics, but they're actually a lot harder, deep, and 'hardcore' than the so-called 'hardcore' games like Call of Duty or Uncharted. Like I said this console is great fun with people, and I'd argue it's actually the only good console to play with people locally. I was truly saddened and disappointed to see almost no local multiplayer on PS3 and Xbox360 last generation as I'm not a huge Online gamer. Nintendo are the only ones still making true multiplayer games (Mariokart, New Super Mario Bros, SMASH, etc.) Also, while it isn't as powerful as the PS4 and XboxOne, the exclusives still look AMAZING. Don't get me wrong, if you want the best visuals and the most multi-platform games, get a PC or a PS4 (I have a PC), but the Wii U is cheap for all the amazing exclusives you get on a Nintendo system (it's a good complimentary console for gamers, or a good main console for families) Finally, the Gamepad. It's a controller you don't know you want until you actually try it. I've despised it ever since it was first shown. I've always thought it was a stupid concept from Nintendo. I bought a Wii U for the Nintendo games; not the Gamepad. BUT MAN WAS I WRONG. I actually LOVE the gamepad now. It's not a game changer. It's not revolutionnary. It's just a very, very, very nice plus. From using the Wii U menu, to drawing on it, to gaming only on it without the TV, etc. it's just very fun to use and refreshing. My favourite feature about it though is for multiplayer. Like I said earlier, Nintendo systems are still the go-to consoles for local multiplayer. The Gamepad improves on that: instead of splitting a game in two for two players (like shooters, or racing games, etc.) one player can play on the TV, and the other on the gamepad. So each player has a full screen to play on! GENIUS. OK I'm done. Sorry for the long review, but people are so uninformed about this system that I felt the need to explain a lot! Just buy it you'll have FUN. Guaranteed. Unless you only play CoD and Fifa...

  • deBurnaby, BC
  • janv. 29, 2014

Family Fun

The Wii U is an underrated product. It's great because my young son can actually watch me play a game. It is very family friendly and lets you do more than just play games. Having the ability to just play on the controller and not use the TV is a good idea too. You can pick up some interesting games for cheep plus being able to play Wii and virtual console games. The Wii U does not get enough credit and is a fun system the whole family can enjoy. It's not all about shooting or racing games.

  • deWinnipeg, MB
  • janv. 28, 2014

Love It

I've had the Wii U since launch a year ago. Admittedly the software line-up was thin at launch, there are now tons of great games out. Everyone should own this system for the 1st party titles but I am also loving Arkham City and Assassin's Creed 4 on the system. Super Mario 3D is one of my favourites and Mario Kart 8 is going to be great when it comes out later this year. Tons of great indie stuff on the eShop with more on the way. Last month I had an issue with the game pad not connecting... called Nintendo and they offered to repair free of charge despite it being a few weeks off warranty. The repair process took about a week, I think they completely replaced the game pad and gave me a new warranty. Kinda wish it hadn't broke in the first place but can't complain about that level of support.

  • deSalmon Arm, BC
  • janv. 27, 2014

Very Happy Customer

We purchased the Wii U for a family Christmas present. To date the system has done exactly what we wanted. It was easy to set up. It's easy to use. Kid's love it. Only wish would be if it was Blu-Ray compatible but I do understand it would be more money.

  • deOttawa, ON
  • janv. 21, 2014

Great system

Great console, kids love it. The controler takes time to get used to but overall great system.

  • deOttawa, ON
  • janv. 20, 2014

The Couch Co-op System

Nintendo's answer to Microsoft's and Sony's HD consoles from the mid 2000s, the Wii U is the successor to the SD Wii. A year after its release, doom and gloom seems to follow it (due to low sales figures) but the system itself is fairly robust. It's a system built around gamers who enjoy split screen gaming, and party titles. The console itself is relatively small and unobtrusive. It has a few bells and whistles that sets it apart from the crowd, notably its primary, tablet-like, controller. The controller sits well in your hands, and offers a unique way to play your games. The touchscreen itself is built similarly to the DS/DSi/3DS screens in that it's pressure-sensitive, unlike the typical iPad or Sony Vita screens. One wishes Nintendo had gone with the latter screens, as they are more responsive, however its DS-like screen does keep the cost down. When it comes to games, Nintendo's core audience is being well looked after. They are plenty of co-op games to play, as well as many party games. Nintendo favourites such as Mario and Zelda have games out, and in the works. 3rd party studios are having a rough time with their games, but that's how it has been since the N64. The Wii U is perfect as the secondary system in a household. As most families wouldn't be able to afford a Sony Playstation 4 and an Xbox One, it's more cost effective to have a Playstation 4 and a Wii U. The console isn't very difficult to use, and it's probably perfect for grandparents' places. You'll need several Wii remotes to make the most out of it, though, as they're not included in the bundles.

  • deToronto, ON
  • janv. 15, 2014

Worth Every Penny!

I got this bundle for Christmas 2013, and I haven't been able to put it down since! The Wii U is an amazing console, with tons of fun and interesting games to play, and the unique experience of the Wii U Gamepad! While it has to be said that games included, New Super Mario Bros U and it's DLC, New Super Luigi U, aren't really that much different from preview New Super Mario Bros games, the new features brought by the Gamepad, such as being able to play while someone else uses the TV and the new Co-Op experience, it brings a whole new angle to it. And with more exciting games coming out this year, like Mario Kart 8 and the new Super Smash Bros, the Wii U is a console you don't want to miss out on!

  • deOttawa, ON
  • janv. 14, 2014

Worth Every Penny

I picked up the console Boxing Day and, despite my initial concerns of its capabilities, I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I own a Playstation 4 and I have to say I've spent more time with my Wii U than I have with the Sony's console. It's all about games and with the Wii U backwards compatibility, I have access to a large library of titles, aside from what's already available for the Wii U. In fact, I've actually bought a number of Wii titles since getting my Wii U. What the Wii U offers is an experience far more unique than what we're seeing with the other consoles. Even without the third party titles of its competitors, Nintendo's first party games are more than enough reason to buy this system.

  • deMontréal, QC
  • janv. 13, 2014

Nintendo Wii U: Surprisingly impressive

I decided to buy the Wii U while waiting for the hard core consoles to drop in price. I immediately fell in love with the Wii U interface and design. I have all Nintendo console and this is, by far, my favourite. The games are bright and colourful and the graphics are pretty. It was worth the price.

  • deMontréal, QC
  • janv. 13, 2014

Nintendo Wii U: Surprisingly impressive

I decided to buy the Wii U while waiting for the hard core consoles to drop in price. I immediately fell in love with the Wii U interface and design. I have all Nintendo console and this is, by far, my favourite. The games are bright and colourful and the graphics are pretty. It was worth the price.

  • deMontréal, QC
  • janv. 13, 2014

Good product

I liked it! It can run the Wii games and have good graphics. Recommended

  • deMississauga, ON
  • janv. 10, 2014

Awesome Console!

Nintendo never fails to create a fun gaming experience for children and adults alike. Super Mario 3D World is absolutely amazing and the best Mario game to date. Despite the naysayers the Wii U is quite powerful and will produce stunning games like Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, X, and Mario Kart 8, all of which are set for release in the coming months!

  • deFredericton, NB
  • janv. 10, 2014


If any of you play games and are familiar with the different consoles then you would never compare something like the Wii U to the PS4 or Xbox One as they are completely different. Don't listen to the reviews from people comparing them to the PS4 or XBOX one as its a completely different type of console and Nintendo has never been aiming for a different type of market than what the PS4 and Xbox One is aiming for. If you are comparing hardware then the PS4 blows the Wii U out of the water, even the XboxOne has much better hardware specs but it really should be all about the games rather than hardware specs. If you like mario games or really anything by Nintendo you wont be disappointed. Definitely worth the buy!!!!

  • deBarrie, ON
  • janv. 04, 2014


Purchased this Wii as a replacement to an earlier model. My teenagers had asked for an Xbox but absolutely love the wii u. Great variety of games for all ages. LOVE the fact that they can be playing the game and we can still watch TV.

  • deCalgary, AB
  • janv. 01, 2014

Great Gaming System

I've had the Deluxe Wii U console since launch and I have never once regretted purchasing it. The Wii U has a great online community (Miiverse), great online store (eShop/Virtual Console), and free online gaming. The gamepad totally changes the way you play video games. You can use it as a map, a display screen (HUD), detective goggles, a camera, a shield, etc. There is no reason NOT to get this. Also, almost all Wii games and accessories work for it, too!

  • deWinnipeg, MB
  • déc. 31, 2013

The best

Got it for my kids and my wife and me lol it blows away Xbox and ps4 and the price is right and the Mario and Luigi games are great fun and picked up another 10 games. And the same with many of our friends and families we know all picked it up.if you haven't get it........it's worth it and all the free stuff on it is great because with Xbox and ps4 you have to pay.......5 out of 5 with ease..... It won't let me put 5 stars on it got 4 stars but I give it 5. All the way..

  • deKingston, ON
  • déc. 30, 2013

super wii

Everyone in my family loves the new wii, it plays all the old wii titles plus the new wiiu ones in hd (Mario, Rayman, etc).........you can also hook up an external hard drive I have a 2 Terabyte works great.......also quiet and wont have hardware failures as Nintendo always makes rock solid machines (my snes still works like new)

  • deEdmonton, AB
  • déc. 26, 2013

Great Gaming machine I have ever used

This is by far the great game machine I have ever used, I love the interface and idea of game pad with touch screen and backward compatibility is big plus, You can even move all your gaming history and record with little effort if you want to. I would say great work Nintendo

  • deEdmonton, AB
  • déc. 25, 2013

Nintendo Wii U

Fantastic set and games! Our boys were very happy with this product- clear, bright and colourful and it was enjoyed by all ages- 3 to 12 yrs.

  • deMontréal, QC
  • déc. 21, 2013

Wii U worth it!

This console is awesome. Once you start playing it you won't stop, it's so amusing and the fact that it's in HD is just an extra plus for this machine. Buy this for your kids they will love it.

  • deCarleton Place, ON
  • déc. 20, 2013

Grandkids give it a positive thumbs up.

It was easy to install. No problems encountered after 1 month of use. Our 6 grandkids love it, they have xbox and ps3 at their homes and they like this unit best. Even though some games may be the same as they have at home they like the console interface of the WIIU best.

  • deOttawa, ON
  • déc. 16, 2013



  • deMississauga, ON
  • déc. 14, 2013

Everyone who owns one loves it.

Nintendo has given us everything we want in a new console. > More powerful that the 360 and PS3. > Amazing exlusive games. > Innovative controller design. > Offscreen play > Backwards compatible - use controllers and games that you already own on the system > Not super expensive. > The console is super quiet and has a very compact footprint > Low power comsumption (the lowest of all 3 next gen consoles) The other two big manufacturers have more graphical horsepower on paper, but in real life the difference is negligable. You get slightly improved lighting and shadow effects as well as higher res textures. They are both based on the x86 architecture, so in reality, they are selling you a gimped PC. If you are looking for the ultimate in graphical prowess, buy a PC. For less money than the PS4 or the Xbone, you could build a PC that would outperform them both and give you the freedom to do other things. Don't get me wrong, I own the PS4 and it is pretty decent system, but it has to go through the first year of nothing just like any console at launch. The Wii U went through it and we are now starting to get a steady stream of good games coming out for it. My PS4 is collecting dust at the moment. Don't believe me, go look at the lineup of available games on the sytsem or the XBone for that matter. Take away the multiplats as they dont count (you can play the multi plats on the ps3 or 360 that you already own)

  • deVancouver, BC
  • déc. 04, 2013

Truly a gem!

All i got to say that i haven't turned on my PS3 since i got a Wii U. Nintendo have made something special here. I will go as far as saying this is the greatest gaming machine ever. Just wait for Nintendo to release their new types of game centred around the gamepad.

  • dePeterborough, ON
  • déc. 02, 2013

Give it a try you will love it.

Great system now that the games are here. I love the gamepad. It is comfortable and comes in very handy when I can't find the remote for the tv. Some say Nintendo is for kids. I would agree but it is fun to be a kid and it is fun to play on wii u. There are games for all ages.

  • deMississauga, ON
  • nov. 14, 2013

Great value!

You definitely get alot with this bundle. It's perfect for families and dedicated gamers alike. I love how I can have a great time playing Mario with my niece just like I did 20 years ago with my dad. The bundled games can also be very challenging to master, especially New Super Luigi U, and so provide some seriously good solo entertainment when I'm relaxing after work. Additionally, there are many other fantastic games for the Wii U. I picked up a few other ones when I purchased the system and can honestly say that this is the best first experience I've had with a system since the Dreamcast! If you're like me and there are really no games on the other next-generation consoles that interest you, buy a Wii U! The thing screams quality and value. I'd recommend picking up Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 along with it... You won't be disappointed.

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